Class Information

Classes Offered

Class Placement

The teaching staff of Dance Elektra will place a student where we feel they are best suited.  Dancing ability and the amount of years dancing have nothing to do with one another.  We will not place friends of a student in the same class as a convenience unless the students are on the same level or that the students remain in the level best suited for the student with less dance experience.

Make-Up Classes

Are available only if the school is notified in advance and there is a parallel class available.  We do not give refunds or credit for absences.  If you are unable to attend a class you can arrange to take a make-up class.  If absences should exceed four consecutive weeks (not including scheduled holiday breaks), due to prolonged illness or injury, you will not be obligated to pay for more that the first four weeks missed and you will be entitled to the make-ups for those four weeks of lessons.  A valid doctor’s note will be required.  Make-up lessons have to be taken within four weeks and are valid only while you are registered in the school.  To avoid over-crowding classes, call to confirm when you will be taking you make-up lesson.

***Please note that any students receiving the Anniversary Special for Tiny Two’s is not eligible for make up classes***

Emergency/Snow Days

In the event of inclement weather, please call the studio to check if there will be classes held or not.  In the event Dance Elektra must close due to snow or extreme emergency, no refunds will be made.  We have at least two extra weeks built into our schedule in case of emergency closing so the first and second cancellation does not need to be made up.  Any cancellations over two classes will be treated as an absence and make-up classes can be taken.  Remember please call the studio before you leave home. If we do not use the extra weeks for snow closings, we reserve the right to cancel two classes for other reasons. If we do not need to cancel, these classes will remain in the schedule at no additional charge.

Parents Observations

Parents will be able to observe the progress of their child via our closed circuit video cameras.   The classes can be viewed on our television screen in the lobby.  Please do not stand in classes or by the classroom doors as it is very distracting to the teachers and their students.

Teacher Conferences

Is it is the teachers prime concern to teach, we will request that any questions or problems that may arise be handled with an appointment rather that disturbing class time.  The directors and staff of Dance Elektra will be happy to discuss any concerns you might have.  Please see the receptionist to schedule an appointment.


Students are expected to have their own insurance.  Our insurance will cover only what yours does not.  Instructors of Dance Elektra are safety conscious and follow appropriate safety procedures.  Dance Elektra, it’s directors and staff will be held harmless from liability or claims resulting from your child’s participation in this program.

Zero Tolerance

Dance Elektra has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to behavior.  All students and their parents/guardians are required to maintain proper behavior while in the studio or at outside functions.  Failure to maintain proper decorum will result in immediate termination from our program without any refunds for tuition or costumes or any other charges you may have incurred.