Dress Code

IMG_8945All students are to be properly attired for their class.   Street shoes, sandals, sneakers, T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, pajamas or skirts will not be permitted in class at any time.  There will be no gum chewing, eating or drinking in dance rooms.  No jewelry is to be worn, as we will not be responsible for it’s damage or loss.  Unless a student has short hair that cannot be pulled up, all students must wear their hair properly pinned up.  Hair that is long and hanging is very distracting and uncomfortable, nonetheless dangerous to the dancer.  All ballet, lyrical and modern students must wear their hair in a bun.  Any child who repeatedly comes to class not properly attired, will not be permitted into class. There will be no refund, credit or make-up class for any lessons missed because of repeated dress code violations.  There is to be no writing on dance shorts or dance pants except the Dance Elektra logo. All Shoes will need to be the same brand and style for the recital so please make sure you find out which brand and style your child needs if it is not listed below before you buy them.

Tiny TuTwos

Black leotard, pink tights and Revolutions pink ballet slippers.

Creative Movement I & II

Black leotard, pink tights, Revolutions Brand pink ballet slippers, Revolutions Brand beige tap shoes.


Black leotard & pink tights Revolutions Brand pink ballet slippers, Revolutions Brand beige buckle tap shoes and Revolutions Brand beige slip on jazz shoes.


Black leotard and pink, black or tan tights, beige tap shoes (flat or heel) – Ask the teacher which heel size and brand they would like.

Jazz,  Musical Theater, Breakdancing and Hip-Hop

Black leotard and pink, tan or black tights, beige jazz shoes, black jazz sneakers or Vans- Ask the teacher which shoe and brand is appropriate for your class.  Black sweatpants for Hip Hop only!


Black leotard or unitard, no tights, white acro shoes/or no shoes.  Check with teacher.


Anything comfortable to dance in for adults and black leotard or unitard and tights for children and ballroom shoes


Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair must be in a bun with bangs pulled back.  Ballet skirts are permitted with the teacher’s permission


Black leotard, black, tan or pink tights.  See instructor for required lyrical shoes


Black leotard with pink, tan or black footless tights.  No shoes are needed for modern dance.


Black shorts or sweat pants, white t-shirt (no design or writing), black shoes

Competition Students-All Classes

Black leotard, pink tights and hair in a bun for ALL classes except hip hop and acro.

Absolutely No Street Shoes are permitted in the Dance Rooms.  This includes parents, siblings and visitors.  Student’s names should be written in all dance shoes to avoid mix ups.  Please do this prior to the first class to save time during the first lesson.

Note:  Leotards and tights are designed to be worn independently of underwear to give a sleek look.  Please refrain from wearing anything underneath your leotard and tights.