pic13Parents are responsible for their children until they enter the dance room with their teacher and once again when their teacher dismisses them from class.  There is no admittance into the dance rooms when there is no teacher present.  Dance Elektra assumes no responsibility for children entering the dance rooms without authorization from the teacher.  There is to be absolutely no smoking anywhere inside the building.  Classes are based on a 55 minute class for hour long classes, a 40 minute class for 45 minute classes and a 25 minute class for half hour long classes; this is to allow time for entering and exiting the classroom along with the taking of attendance.  Good conduct is expected from all our students in the dance room as well as in the waiting room and dressing rooms.  There is absolutely no food or drinks in the dance rooms.  All food and drinks are to be kept in the dressing area with the exception of water.  Students who do not adhere to the above rules will be asked to leave class.  Dance Elektra is not responsible for personal property.  All purses should be brought into the dance room.  No personal property is to be left at the studio between classes.  The Dance Elektra premises are under video and audio surveillance and are recorded for quality assurance.

pic14Dance Elektra was designed to give a complete dance education to children and adults.  With a Highly Qualified and committed Professional Faculty, we take pride in offering a complete quality curriculum in all the dance arts and the opportunity to experience the joy of dance.  Dance Elektra reserves the right to cancel any class if the enrollment of a class is less than 8 students.  In the case of only 1,2, or 3 students enrolled in a class and the class can not be moved to a different time slot this class will be considered a private lesson and the time will be cut short.  If less than 4 students are in attendance of a class we have the right to shorten or cancel that class.

We will attempt to provide certain services throughout the year for your convenience such as individual photographer, recital videographer and class pictures.  Although we do our best to contract professional, reputable firms, we can not be responsible for their policies.  You will be provided with a phone number to contact them directly with any questions or concerns that you may have.

We are putting forth every effort to promote a professional atmosphere.  Please help us by adhering to the above information.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

The Staff of Dance Elek-tra


We give the students quite a few notes throughout the year.  Please check the students dance bags and pockets especially before the winter recess.  These notices are important and often students forget to give them to you.