Hip Hop Styles

Hip hop dance is a dynamic genre that encompasses athleticism, flexibility, agility, creativity and soul. This type of dance originated back in the late 1970′s and early 1980′s, and has evolved tremendously since then. The Old school of this type of dance started off mainly as breakdancing, which in and of itself is a truly dynamic and remarkable style of hip hop!

Popping and locking are a couple of the original moves that dancers incorporated into their dance routines back in the early days of this dance history. By the late 1980′s the styles really began to take on new forms, and innovative dance moves were rapidly being developed.

Although breaking is still largely a part of the dance, more upright moves have become very popular as opposed to sticking mainly to moves performed on the floor. By the 90′s and into the 2000′s, this type of dance became very aggressive and intricate. The popularity of this dance grew from the streets of New York and L.A., and has spread all throughout the globe!

Although there are many different styles of hip hop dance, some of the main ones include: •Breakdancing •Popping •Locking •OldSchool •NuSchool •House •Krumping

The Newer Style of Lyrical Hip Hop

One of the newer styles that has emerged onto the dance scene is lyrical dance. This particular type is a very interpretive and fluid version of the conventional one that has been on the scene since the 1970′s. In essence, the dancers are telling a story through their dance routine, and thus must include some sort of acting abilities into the dance routine.

Although traditional dance styles and moves – like popping and locking – are still part of this newer dance style, the moves are much less rigid, and are more fluid in their execution. Whereas traditional moves dance to the beat of the music, lyrical moves dance along to the words of the song.

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